Dropbox for iOS App Adds Automatic Photo Uploads To The Cloud, Farewell to Size Restrictions

If you're already a fan of Dropbox and own an iOS device, you're going to love the new version that's just been added to iTunes, which levels the playing field with the Android iteration. Among the handful of changes, Dropbox version 1.5 for iOS now automatically uploads photos and videos over Wi-Fi or your cellular data plan to the cloud. Android users have been able to do that for quite awhile now.

To go along with automatic uploads, Dropbox allows you to earn up to 3GB of extra storage space, in 500MB increments, just by using the feature. In addition, Dropbox removed the file size cap that used to exist, so you can now upload files of any size (up to the amount of available storage space, of course), which will come in particularly handy when transferring videos to the cloud.

Also new to version 1.5 is a Gallery view to see all the photos and videos you've uploaded, and the ability to move and delete sets of files at once. If all that sounds groovy, you can grab Dropbox for iOS by going here.
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