Are We There Yet? A Tale Of 15 GB/s WiFi

If you thought that the new draft N routers and cards were quick, hold on to your hats as future WiFi technologies could reach up to 150 gigabits per second before the end of the decade!

The high speeds can be accomplished by utilizing the 60 GHz band, which is mostly unused.
“The technology could get a big boost if the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, a top international association of electrical engineers, decides to create a standard for the spectrum. The group is weighing the decision now and could decide by next year.

"You're talking about moving gigabits in seconds, your whole iPod library, your whole video library," said Laskar. "This has the potential of becoming the de facto way of moving this information on and off the devices.”
What impact would 15 GB/s have on wired networking?  Will wired networking up the ante, or be relegated to 'secure' networks that don't/can't broadcast?
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