Droid Zap by Motorola Photo and Video Sharing App Now Available for All Androids

Good news, photography buffs -- all Android users now have access to Motorola's Droid Zap, a photo sharing application that was previously exclusive to Droid devices. Prior to the latest update, the best a non-Droid user could do was peek at which photos were being shared by Droid Zap users within 1,000 feet, but they weren't allowed to share their own.

The latest update -- version 2.1 -- removes the requirement for a members-only jacket so that any Android phone can send and receive photos. The lone exception is a feature called Zap Zone, which was just added and is exclusive to Droid owners (for now).

Droid Zap by Motorola

"For Droid owners on Jelly Bean OS or higher, we’ve also added Zap Zone, which allows multiple people to magically share pictures at your next party. Simply Zap the invite to your friends and your smartphones are magically connected. Any pictures you take or your friends take will automatically be shared for the duration of the Zap Zone," Motorola explains.

If you're new to the app, the way it works is you fire up the Zap app to see a list of your local photos. Swiping up with two fingers creates a virtual sharing zone based on your GPS location. Once you do that, anyone within the area that's also running the Zap app will be notified and can download your photo(s) to their device. If you don't want to share with complete strangers, you can protect your shares with a PIN.

You can download Droid Zap from Google Play.