DRM-Free Music Is Selling Like Hotcakes

It wasn't all that long ago that online music vendors starting selling DRM-free tracks, often at a small premium and/or small loss of audio fidelity.  At the time it was viewed by some as a marketing experiment to see if people would pay more to avoid  headaches related to Digital Rights Management, and now it appears that there is a definitive answer to that question:

“DRM-free music sells at a much higher rate online than protected music, according to UK-based digital music store 7 Digital. In fact, customers buy it four times as often as they do DRMed music. As a result, almost 80 percent of the store's sales are of DRM-free content. 7 Digital may not sound familiar to some, but it carries over 3 million songs and has many selections from major artists in addition to independent labels.”

With the continued interest in online shopping in general, and now with a strong preference for DRM-free music, the future of the entire recording industry seems like one that is certainly going to include a lot of changes.

If DRM-free (or non-infected as some prefer to call it) media becomes the norm, the entire future of DRM might be in question.
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