Try This Intel Driver Update If Windows Is Crashing Your PC With BSODs

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It looks like there is now a solution for Windows users who have been seeing too much of the dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) recently. If you are a Windows 10 or Windows 11 user, and your system uses one of the popular modern Intel wireless adapter hardware solutions for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, a new driver is available and could be the BSOD fix you have been waiting for.

Microsoft centric tech site Windows Latest spotted that Intel has released a new set of wireless drivers, covering Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality. Intel’s Wi-Fi driver version 22.190.0 covers quite a range of modern wireless adapters, and it fixes multiple issues, in addition to the headlining BSODs.

The biggest bug that is fixed with driver 22.190.0 means having both the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections active at the same time will no longer risk a BSOD. Bluetooth peripherals like input devices (mouse, keyboard, games controller) and audio accessories are increasingly popular, and it will be extremely common for PC/laptop users to make use of both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity simultaneously, so this is an important bug fix by Intel’s driver team.

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Another fix which is welcome is where Windows 10 and 11 systems have been experiencing downgraded data throughput on 160MHz Wi-Fi transmission channels. Wireless display video glitches have been patched too, but this bug was only observed on Windows 11 systems.

Both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality have received a number of under-the-hood patches for performance and stability, but the driver release notes don’t go into detail about these tweaks.

If you have read through the above and think this new Intel wireless driver is for you, you can try and summon it via the Windows Update control panel. Alternatively, head on over to Intel’s support website and download the Intel Driver and Support Assistant (iDSA) tool, which includes an update assistant to make sure you get the right driver to match the hardware in your machine.