DreamWorks DreamTab Android Tablet For Kids By Fuhu Coming To CES 2014

Tablets that are built with children in mind are far from being a new idea, but if I were a parent, I couldn't imagine dealing with the chore of figuring out which one was actually worth it. It's not just the hardware that matters, but software, like most other mobile devices. No one likes picking up a new tech product only to have the vendor behind it largely ignore it. Software updates can help turn a decent device into a fantastic one.

With its DreamTab, set to be unveiled at next week's CES, DreamWorks aims to deliver a kid-targeted tablet that delivers on both the hardware and software fronts. It goes without saying that DreamWorks definitely has the content side of things covered, so the potential with such a tablet is enormous.

To make the DreamTab happen, DreamWorks teamed up with a company that understands this market well, Californian-based Fuhu, creators of the nabi tablet. The first DreamTab will come in at 8-inches, and with its "under $300" price tag, we anticipate that it'll boast good performance. For those prefering a larger option, a 12-inch model is in the works.

DreamWorks is quick to state that DreamTab "is not a toy" - switched to adult mode, New York Times states it should provide "roughly the same computing power as an iPad". Given the large number of kids tablets out there that look and feel like kids tablets, that sounds refreshing.

While branded tablets have already existed, even from Fuhu itself, what will set DreamWorks' offering apart is the fact that it's in control of the content. It can make use of its own characters and series as it pleases, and deliver exclusive content as well.

DreamWorks isn't entering the tablet space with a whimper. Alongside its DreamTab, you can expect to see a range of accessories, including headphones, bumpers, and carrying cases.

If DreamWorks delivers on all of its promises here, its DreamTab could become the must-have kids tablet for 2014.

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