DRAM Prices Continue to Trend Upwards

Attention DIY yourself system builders and upgraders, if you're thinking about adding more RAM to your system, you may not want to sit on the fence too much longer. According to DRAMeXchange, DRAM contract prices continue to rise, increasing by 2 percent on average in the first half of December, and still going up.

The research firm says that 4GB modules rose the most, jumping 3.17 percent. Given that RAM prices have pretty much hit rock bottom, these bumps translate into nominal price increases, but hey, every dollar counts in this economy. More importantly, however, this could be just the beginning.

G.Skill Ripjawz

"From the market perspective, as the Korean makers plan to drastically cut PC DRAM production levels in 2013, focusing capex and technology migration on mobile DRAM products, PC OEMs are left with fewer suppliers to choose from, and subsequently, less bargaining power. DRAM manufacturers are gradually gaining more control over price," DRAMeXchange notes.

In related news, DRAMeXchange identified five "major trends" to look for in 2013, the first being that Samsung, Hynix, and Micron will grow stronger and dominate the DRAM market. Other trends include mobile and server DRAM becoming the market mainstream as PC DRAM demand decreases, 20nm and 30nm technology becoming mainstream, a reduction of players in the PC DRAM market, and production cuts.