DRAM Prices Almost At Rock Bottom?

Are you holding off on buying RAM because prices keep going down, while at the same time major players continually release faster modules?  If so, you'll want to read this article that ExtremeTech wrote on the subject:
"A new report from market research firm DRAMeXchange says that DRAM contract prices may finally hit bottom sometime during the second half of 2007.  After sliding to roughly $20 in the second half of April, DRAM contract prices will likely decline even more before the PC selling season ramps up and demand increases, the DRAMeXchange report said.  To date, the research firm said that the pricing environment for the market has remained stagnant because of sluggish demand over the past few months. DDR2 512-Mbyte 667MHz chips fell in price to roughly $2.57, DRAMeXchange said, while the DDR2 eTT dropped to $2.05.  Over the same period, contract market prices also fell, due mainly to the purging of excess inventory by PC OEMs. Contract prices of DDR2 667-MHz 512-Mbyte chips were mostly finalized at $20 or lower."
When do you think memory prices will hit rock bottom?  Let us know by adding your own comments.
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