Dr. Evil Thinks Sony And North Korea Are A Bunch Of Bush-League Lamers

It often takes political satire to put situations into perspective, and leave it to the hilarious minds at Saturday Night Live to shining a proper light on North Korea and its involvement in hacking Sony Pictures Entertainment. Actor Mike Myers reprised his role as Dr. Evil, who was none too happy that Kim Jong-un is being lumped together with the world's biggest and most evil super villains.

As far as Dr. Evil is concerned, both North Korea and Sony are giving "evil a bad name," something he's obviously qualified to speak about during his repeated attempts to hold the world hostage for millions and billions of dollars, only to be thwarted by that pesky Austin Powers.

Dr. Evil

"I mean what the F, people? It's just so pathetic to see you two fight over a silly comedy. It's like watching two bald men fight over a comb -- who cares?," Dr. Evil begins. "Sony, North Korea, it's time to get a Trapper Keeper and some loose leaf because I'm about to take you to school!"

Dr. Evil was in top form, making fun of not only Sony and North Korea, but also the GOP, both the hacker organization (Guardians of Peace) and the Republican Party (Grand Old Party).

"First of all, the name. When you guys were sitting around and pitching it, was one guy like, 'I've got an idea, let's call ourselves the Guardians of Peace, or the GOP.' Hello! Way to go A-holes. There's already a GOP and they're already an evil organization."

President Barack Obama was one of the few who avoided any barbs from Dr. Evil, though he opened himself up for criticism by calling the cyberattack an act of "cyber vandalism." Nevertheless, there's no short of hilarity in the 4 minute spot. When you get a chance, check it out for a good laugh.