Dough’s Spectrum OLED QHD Gaming Monitor Delivers The Pop At 240Hz For Just $649

hero dough spectrum oled
If you read that headline and thought "who the heck is Dough," well, don't feel bad. Dough is the company formerly known as Eve because Eve couldn't be trademarked everywhere. While relatively unknown to many consumers, Dough's Spectrum series of monitors have won worldwide acclaim. Now, there's a new member of the family on the way: Spectrum OLED.

As you might have guessed, this monitor uses an OLED panel instead of an LCD. It measures 27" diagonally, comes in QHD resolution, and supports adaptive sync all the way up to 240 Hz. It's also DisplayHDR True Black 400 certified. That may not sound too impressive, but the monitor can actually shine at 1000 cd/m² in tiny areas (up to 3% of the display). Notably, the extant Spectrum is the only glossy 4K monitor on the market, and the Spectrum OLED will be the first glossy OLED. Thanks to that, HDR presentation should pop.

dough spectrum 4k back
There's few pictures of the Spectrum OLED, but it'll likely look just like this Spectrum 4K.

Even aside from the panel, the Spectrum OLED has a fantastic feature set. You'll get a pair of HDMI 2.1a ports—perfect for mixing in game consoles—a single DisplayPort connection of unspecified revision, and a USB Type-C port that supports 100-watt charging. That fans out into two USB Type-A ports and two USB Type-C ports, which can be configured to function as a KVM switch—very handy for the case where you have two systems next to each other and you don't want to use separate input devices. Livestreamers take note.

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. It's a fundamentally different type of technology from the typical LCD monitor, because the backlight and the display panel are one and the same. That means the display actually controls the brightness of each pixel individually. This results in insanely good contrast, and also allows for rich colors and lightning-fast response times.

dough spectrum 4k sides
Side-on views of the already-available Spectrum 4K. The Spectrum OLED is QHD.

So what's the catch? Well, OLEDs are susceptible to "burn-in" effects if you leave a stationary image up on screen for too long. Dough admits that this is a concern as with any OLED device, but offers a 2-year burn-in warranty on the monitor. For typical use patterns, this isn't going to be a problem, although if you're someone who plays Final Fantasy XIV 60 hours a week, maybe stick to LCDs. For the rest of us, just make sure to turn it off (or use a screen saver!) when you step away from the PC.

The other usual downside of OLEDs is the price, but if you get in on the ground floor, Dough's Spectrum OLED could be yours for as little as $649. Okay, that might seem like a lot of money for a 240 Hz 1440p monitor—even one with a built-in KVM, 100-watt USB charging, and VESA DisplayHDR certification. It is $350 cheaper than what LG's asking for a similar OLED monitor without any of those features, though, and it's fully $450 cheaper than what the monitor will go for once it hits retail in July.

spectrum oled signup
The sign-up is right at the top of the page.

To get that price, what you'll need to do is go to the Dough Spectrum OLED page and enter your e-mail address to sign up. If it works like the original Spectrum 4K's sign-up process, you'll get an e-mail that will take you to a page where you can pre-pay for the monitor. Once you've done that, you can join the community and Dough will likely be soliciting input from its customers on specific qualities and features of the monitor. The company is famous for its crowd-sourced design, allowing it to integrate features based on community feedback.

dough crowded development
Dough is known for its crowd-sourced design process.

If you're considering a purchase, you'd probably better head over to the Dough site quick. This is an excellent price on what is almost guaranteed to be a killer monitor, and Dough says that quantities of the first run will be limited.