Doom Eternal Invites You To ‘Raze Hell’ This November In Gruesome Gameplay Trailer

Doom Eternal
No reasonable person would expect the demon uprising to be all rainbows and glitter, but what you may not have anticipated is a level of gore that rivals—and perhaps surpasses—the notoriously violent Mortal Kombat franchise. Bethesda's upcoming Doom Eternal game does, however, as revealed in a new story trailer.

"It’s time for you to once again fill the skull-crushing boots of the Doom Slayer and save humanity from utter destruction. Of course, there’s only one way to stop the chaos: rip and tear through every demon in your path, until it is done," Bethesda explains.

As the Doom Slayer, you will face a relentless demon onslaught, and while the stakes are bigger than ever, your character is deadlier this time around. So are the enemies, of course. To deal with that, an upgraded arsenal is at your disposal, as are new abilities and better armor. What has not changed, however, is the encouragement to "charge into combat" rather than sneaking around trying to avoid conflict, as some games would have you do.

"You’ll need to utilize the right weapons in your arsenal at the right times to maximize your damage. With Doom Eternal’s demon destruction system, tearing apart demons piece by piece is not only fun, it’s useful, as targeting and destroying a heavy demon’s primary guns can help make short, bloody work of even the toughest foes," Bethesda says.

Doom Eternal

One of the new abilities is the Double Dash. This allows the Doom Slayer to quickly close the gap between enemies, getting up close and personal with the bad guys to send them back to hell (in pieces). The Doom Slayer has also learned how to scale sheer walls, vault from monkey bars, punch through obstacles, break chains, and more.

Ironically, Doom Eternal's fiery gameplay will wait until after the scorching hot summer months, and instead will arrive on November 22, just as the cold winter months beckon. You can preorder Doom Eternal now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam or Pricing starts at $59.99 for the Standard edition. Those who preorder the game will receive the following bonuses...
  • Doot Revenant skin to use in Battlemode
  • Cultist Base Master Level—A remixed version of the campaign level 'Cultist Base', with new challenges and surprises.
  • 'Throw-back' Shotgun Weapon Skin—Bring Doom's original shotgun to bear on Doom Eternal's demon hordes.
There is also a Deluxe version that costs $89.99 and includes a year-one pass to DLC, a Demonic Slayer skin, and a Classic Weapon Sound Pack.

Doom Eternal Collector's Edition

For hardcore Doom fans, the Collector's Edition runs $199.99 and includes some physical perks, such as a Doom Lore Book with custom artwork by id Software, a full-size wearable replica of the Doom Slayer helmet, and more.