Don't Get Played with

Want to find out if you're dating a player?  Or simply want revenge (as we could see as a possible abuse of this service)?  This could be the service for you, and it's all text message-based.

Based on the highly optimistic starting assumption that "people cheat and lie while dating and in relationships," PlayerBlock claims to be the first ever text-based service that enables romance seekers to investigate the dating habits of others (the Web already hosts similar date- and fidelity-tracking sites).

PlayerBlock members (who pay $4.99 per month for up to 100 messages) are encouraged to report both positive and negative dating experiences, with their insights then linked to the phone number of the tattled-on party.

There's a whole host of different features you can access with different codes you send to 25625 --- including RANDOM, or as the site says, the entertainment portion of the service.  With this code, you can get random samplings of disses from other clients!

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