Don't Be Fooled By This Fake Amazon Alexa Setup App For iOS That Asks For Your IP Address

echo dot
Christmas has come and gone, but there's a good chance that many Americans received some form of Amazon Echo device under the tree. With so many new Echo owners joining the fray for the first time, they are inevitably heading to the iOS App Store to download the companion app so that they can get started with the setup process on their iPhone.

However, an unofficial app has somehow made it near the top of the charts in the App Store, and it is by no means harmless. The app is called "Setup for Amazon Alexa" and was first spotted by 9to5Mac earlier this morning. As of this writing, the app is still available as a free download and is currently trending at #6 under the Utilities section in the App Store.

The fact that this app isn't officially from Amazon -- it is produced by One World Software -- should raise an immediate red flag. For those that are gullible enough to actually download the app, more immediate red flags are thrown up as the app not only asks you to enter in your IP address, but also the serial number from your Echo device, which you are then asked to submit.

amazon alexa setup

We don't know how such a scammy app was able to parachute into Apple's walled garden, and we're most certain the Amazon isn't happy that such an app is tricking its customers at an alarming rate (the app has over 9,000 ratings at the moment with an inexplicable 3.7 out of 5 stars).

For users that are looking for the real Amazon Alexa apps, you can find it in the iOS store by clicking the following link.

According to Amazon, customers purchased "millions more Amazon Devices this holiday season compared to last year" with the most popular device being the Echo Dot (which was available for as low as $25 by itself, or thrown in for free with numerous bundle offers).