Donald Trump Would Make Apple ‘Build Their Damn Computers And Things’ In America

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump often talks of restoring America to its former glory and that he has the business savvy to make it happen. How? He's thrown out some lofty goals in various debates and speeches, now among them is his intent to somehow convince (or force) Apple to return manufacturing of its products to the United States.

"We have such amazing people in this country -- smart, sharp, energetic, they're amazing. I was saying, make America great again, and I actually think we can say now, and I really believe this, we're gonna get things coming. We're gonna get Apple to start building their damn computers and things in this country, instead of in other countries," Trump said while speaking at Liberty University on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Donald Trump
Image Source: Gage Skidmore

To be clear, Apple actually does manufacture some Mac Pro systems stateside, though its other products, including its highly popular iPhone line, is produced in China. Trump's sentiment is towards all of Apple's products -- he talked of bringing jobs back from China "and all of these countries that are ripping us off."

Of course, you can't just wave a magic wand and make it happen, even if you're president. But what he can do is attempt to back legislation that would make it less appealing for Apple and other companies to outsource manufacturing. That's essentially his plan; to slap businesses that outsource with a 35 percent tax on each product they bring into the U.S. Trump's comments seem to be at conflict with the idea of free trade, though he claims otherwise.

"Take a look at our trade deals. These deals are the worst. We're gonna lose $500 billion [in] trade deficits with China. With Japan, [it's] $100 billion. We're talking about a year... Then they say, 'Well Trump doesn't believe in free trade.' No, I want free trade, but I want it to be like, at least we break even."

While Trump brought up several different companies during his speech, his rhetoric about Apple was perhaps the most interesting. Getting Apple to return manufacturing for all of its products to the U.S. would be no easy thing -- the company flipped a profit of $11.1 billion during its last fiscal quarter and is coming off its most successful year ever. It has strong relationships with Chinese suppliers and manufactures, Foxconn in particular, and its business can be considered a well oiled machine at this point.

In any event, if you're interested, hit the source link below to view Trump's speech in its entirety.