Dominos Testing Drone Delivery To Send Your Pie On The Fly

A wise person once said that those who don't innovate simply get left behind. We can't say for sure if that person was employed by Domino's, but the famed pizza company seems to be working overtime on next-generation tactics for selling pies. The latest story to focus on drones actually has nothing to do with Google nor the military -- it's about pizza. Of course, DomiCopter is just a pie-in-the-sky concept / promo stunt right now, but the most interesting part is that the concept could probably be executed with aplomb if the right engineers were put on the job.

DomiCopter is a folksy drone that can (in theory) deliver pizzas to an address, and then fly back to home base. Domino's has stated that the drone is the "brainchild of our independent master franchise company in the U.K." The only major hurdle to this becoming a reality? FAA regulations that keep the airwaves free of such birds.

Perhaps this is something you'd like to see the next President take a stand on?
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