Domino's Pizza Hero For iPad: Get Rid Of That Turkey Aftertaste

Remember when TiVo decided to offer on-demand Domino's Pizza in 2008? Feels like forever ago, but the famed pizza chain is stepping keeping up with technological changes. While online pizza ordering has been around for years now, this new iPad app is a sight to behold. The Domino's Pizza Hero for iPad app is an iPad-only affair, but the capabilities are just insane. You can use the app to build your own pie, but where the fun really starts is that "Order" button. Whatever pie you dream up, you can actually order from a nearby Domino's store. And a real human will deliver it. It's the future, and it's here, now. If you have an iPad, we doubt you'll ever order pizza the "normal" way ever again. (And after all that turkey, why not mix things up today with a little pepperoni and ham?) Video demo is below.