Domino's Bails On T-Mobile Free Pizza Promo Due To Crushing Demand

It's hard to argue that one of the best things on planet Earth is pizza. Many people are up for eating pizza regardless of the time of day, and regardless of what flavor it is. Pizza is just amazing, and it holds the power to shut down entire promotional deals - as Domino's is finding out.

Via its T-Mobile Tuesdays app, which rewards customers for their patronage, this week's deal proved to be a bit too much for dough spinners. To help its customers get their munch on, T-Mobile worked out a deal where its customers could get a free pizza pie, a deal which seems totally normal. But when the terms of the deal are not worked out properly, and you bring a mammoth fanbase in like T-Mobile has, it can lead to problems.


In effect, Domino's pulled out simply because the demand was so enormous. Writes a Domino's spokesperson: "The demand was significantly above what we agreed to in advance, which resulted in an understandably disappointing customer experience for some. As a result, we are re-examining the future of this promotion."

As TechCrunch reveals, this promotion had a major flaw which could have been the nail in the coffin. Somehow, the promotion wasn't per household, it was per T-Mobile line in that household. Instead of families getting a single pizza pie for free, some wound up with multiple, putting a huge strain on their local Domino's location. It stands to reason that this promotion was probably meant to be worth $10 or so, not up to five times as much.

Regardless of who's at fault here, T-Mobile CEO John Legere wasted no time poking a bit of fun at the deal collapsing. In a tweet, he leaked the memo that Domino's sent its employees, stating its reasons for the suspension of the promotion. It could be that John was simply too slow in jumping in on the promotion himself, but one thing's for certain: everyone who's read this far should really want pizza now.