Doh! For When Your GPS Leads You Astray

It's no secret that even GPS units are subject to GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out), leading users astray due to incorrect map data..  People have even been led to the edge of cliffs.  Wouldn't it be appropriate to hear the expression "D'oh!" if such a failure occurred?

Well, you won't, but you can get directions via Homer Simpson, at least if you use TomTom
navigation units.  TomTom users can go to and download the voice for $12.95 or €9.95.  Sorry, it's not free.  D'oh!

A couple of samples you can hear at the website include:
  • "Woo hoo! You have reached your destination, and you can hold your head up high, because you are a genius!"
  • "At the end of the road, turn left, then take the highway. Ah ha ha, he he. Woo hoo!"

D'oh!  It's an iconic phrase, so iconic that its even in the Oxford English Dictionary as of 1998.  It is defined as an interjection "used to comment on an action perceived as foolish or stupid".

You know, kind of like running off a cliff because your GPS tells you to, even though you can see it's a bad idea.