Does Jen-Hsun Know Something We Don't ?

NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang is either drinking deep on the cool-aide or he knows something we don't.  On NVIDIA's earnings call yesterday Jen-Hsun offererd some insight into brighter days ahead for AMD.  With all the buzz we've been hearing about Phenom FX processors on the horizon, maybe the pump is being primed up for an AMD CPU come-back?

"Huang noted on the call that Nvidia’s motherboard graphics processor business “was affected by the significant drop in AMD’s CPU sales in Q1,” but that “we do expect AMD to regain share in Q2.”

Added Huang: “We are seeing the sell-through of AMD processors picking up significantly in this channel, and I am sure many of you see that as well. And it reflects the fact that they’ve replenished the channel with Athlon processors. It is now price positioned in the right place and it’s a great product. There is no reason why it went so, and so we are expecting the pick up again.”

Bring it AMD... competition is good.
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