DJI’s Matrice 600 Drone Is Its Most Powerful Yet With 1080p 60fps Shooting And Adaptive Camera Handling

Matrice 600 03
If you’re a Hollywood filmmaker with deep pockets, DJI has a new drone that is bound to give you the perfect aerial shot with tracking accuracy that is measured down to mere centimeters. The drone in question is the Matrice 600 (M600), which come packing a wealth of advanced features and redundancies to justify its immense price tag.

For starters, the M600 uses Lightbridge 2 video downlink technology which allows the M600 to stream 1080p video at 60fps from distances of up to three miles away. And an all-new A3 flight controller combines up to three GPS units with three Inertial Memory Units (if you opt for the upgraded A3 PRO flight controller) to give the M600 unprecedented accuracy when traveling along a preprogrammed flight plan.

Matrice 600 04

The professional drone has a six-rotor, actively-cooled propulsion system that is dustproof to ease maintenance, meaning that your drone will spend more time in the air capturing sweet video footage than in the shop being poked and prodded to get ready for the next flight. It also includes retractable landing gear for obstruction-free 360-degree filming.

Powering the M600 are six batteries which give the drone the ability to carry aloft a Zenmuse X5 camera for up to 35 minutes. Toss in a heavier RED EPIC camera and your flight time will dwindle to just 16 minutes.

Matrice 600 06

Payload capacity is listed at 13 pounds (don’t even think about sending up your wife’s Chihuahua) and the M600 is compatible with DJI’s new $1,599 Ronin-MX three-axis gimbal. The Ronin-MX features a universal mount that allows it to accommodate professional cameras from Canon, Nikon, Sony, RED, ARRI and Black Magic. The Ronin-MX has its own onboard set of powerful motors and IMUs to maintain stability and can communicate directly with the M600’s flight controller.

"For film directors, the M600 is a game-changer. There are other options out there, but none that integrate a top-class flight controller, video-transmission system like Lightbridge 2 and support for a wide range of cameras and gimbals," said DJI Executive Creative Director Sheldon Schwartz. "If you go with the new Ronin-MX on the M600, you'll be surprised at how easy it is to get unparalleled stability and cinematic-quality shots."

The M600 is priced from $4,599, while the Ronin-MX retails for $1,599. However, if you need both, you can save $200 by purchasing a bundle package for $5,999. Both the M600 and Ronin-MX are available for purchase now.