DJI First Person HD Goggles Transform Drone Flying For The Better

Anyone who has ever tried to fly a drone or other remote-controlled aircraft knows how difficult it can be getting used to the controls when the vehicle is headed towards you. DJI has a new system that will change drone racing and piloting for the better for many people called the DJI Digital FPV System. The system uses goggles that look like a set of VR goggles with 720p resolution at 60 or 120 fps.

dji fpv front

The goggles capture a live view from the drone that the user is piloting with a latency within 28 ms and over a range of up to 4km. The transmission tech uses a two-way communication system that gives pilots more flexibility when flying in challenging areas.

dji fpv lenses

The goggles have a pair of 2-inch displays inside with a single screen resolution of 1440 x 810 and refresh rate of 120Hz. The video format is H.264, and the FOV is adjustable from 30 to 54-degrees. The interpupillary distance can be adjusted between 58 and 70mm. Power for the goggles comes from an external battery, and the goggles accept microSD cards for video playback.

dji fpv side

For the system to work, the drone has to be fitted with a small and light DJI FPV Air Unit. The Air Unit includes the camera and weighs 48.5g. It measures 44 x 37.8 x 14.4mm and operates on 5.7250-5.8590 GHz. DJI notes that the Air Unit is only compatible with flight controllers that support Betaflight. The system also works with a long-distance flight controller for the drone.

The system can be paired with additional sets of goggles to allow viewers to see what the racer sees. The wireless system has eight channels to allow up to eight DJI FPV Air Units to operate at the same time. The system starts at $819 for the DJI PFV Experience combo that lacks the controller. The DJI FPV Fly More combo that includes the controller is $929.
Last month DJI unveiled a cool tank drone for kids that could shoot beads and lasers.

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