DJI's Mavic 2 Drone Unveil Kicks Off Tomorrow, Pro And Zoom Versions Expected

DJI has created a lot of buzz in the drone and photography communities with the Mavic 2 that leaked last month. Along with a leaked image of that device came some alleged specifications. Later in the month, a catalog page for the new drone leaked that called out a Hasselblad camera for the Mavic 2 Pro with a 1-inch sensor, 31-minute flight time, and the ability to stream video and images over 5 miles. A Mavic 2 Zoom was also called out with a zoom lens.

mavic 2 pro
Mavic 2 Pro

The drone is also tipped to be 360-degree hazard aware in the leaked catalog. One thing we didn’t know was when exactly the drone would be unveiled. We now have an answer to that and know that DJI is having an event tomorrow where a new product will be unveiled. Presumably, that new product is the Mavic 2 drone family. DJI has a teaser video that lasts 30 seconds which you can see below:

The video talks up the past decade of products DJI has offered and promises to allow "adventure seekers and pioneers" to take to the skies. The ad says get ready to go beyond the horizon. That last bit could be a hint at a drone with a long flight time and transmission distance, the 31 minutes of flight and 5-mile transmission range could certainly fit that bill. Above the video is a countdown for the unveil at 10 AM EDT, roughly 19 hours away as of writing.

mavic 2 zoom
Mavic 2 Zoom

There have been no price rumors for the Mavic 2 drones. The Mavic Air drone that we looked at back in January sold for $799 and the Mavic Pro is $899. You can bet that DJI newest drones won't be cheap.