Displace Teases Wild Battery Powered Wireless 4K OLED TV With NVIDIA And AMD Inside

Displace banner showing a corner shot of its 55" OLED wireless TV that's headed to CES.
A startup is looking to make a unique splash in the display space with what it claims is the "world's first truly wireless TV," which it will unveil at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January. The company, called Displace, is trading a traditional in-TV plug-in port for a proprietary hot-swappable battery system that promises a month of runtime, based on watching 6 hours of TV per day.

As with most wireless systems—chargers, speaker systems, and so forth—there is a part that actually needs to be plugged into a wall outlet. In this case, it's a separate base unit powered by unspecified AMD CPU and NVIDIA GPU hardware, with Wi-Fi 6E connectivity to boot. We assume this drives the wireless TV's smart functionality, though there are other tricks that presumably require relatively beefy hardware (more on those in a moment).

The base unit is also likely to contain ports for external devices, like a receiver box, game consoles, and whatever else you might attach directly to a TV. Reason being, it's not just the main power cord that Displace is cutting from the TV; it's entirely without any ports.

Displace wireless TV specs.
Source: Displace via PR Newswire

Whatever the case might be, you're looking at a 55-inch OLED display with a 4K resolution and "super lightweight" design (under 20 pounds). Displace is pitching both portability (remember those old battery-powered radio TVs from the 80s and early 90s?) and easy attachment to any surface without any mounting hardware. That latter part is made possible by another proprietary bullet point, which Displace refers to as active-loop vacuum technology.

"Displace completely reinvents the television with its hardware and software technologies, and user interfaces that will not only change the way people enjoy entertainment in their homes, but will also advance the entire television industry," said founder and CEO Balaji Krishnan.

"We envision a world with multiple displays on walls delivering significant value to the consumers wherever they are inside their homes. To achieve this vision, it's important to re-architect television by eliminating all common frustrations and making it extremely easy to secure televisions on any surface inside homes. By realizing this vision, Displace is effectively creating the next computing platform and the potential applications are limitless," Krishnan added.

According to Displace, all a user has to do is bring the wireless TV close to a surface and with a little nudge, it will "magically stick to the wall." Sounds wild, and hopefully it sticks well enough to not fall down during earthquakes or from rattling bass.

Touch and voice interfaces are present and accounted for to browse and play content, but that's not all. Displace is also teasing the use of hand gestures, as well as facial recognition (which can be turned off) and computer vision technology. Additionally, Displace says users can attach up to four wireless TVs, for up to a 110-inch combined viewing area at 16K. We hate to tell Displace, but four 4K panels equates to 8K, not 16K.

Displace says its unique TV will ship to customers by late 2023. No word yet on much the TV or extra batteries will cost.