2.5 Geeks: Wi-Fi 6E Networking And Why You Should Care With Special Guests From Intel

intel wifi6e livestream
Your home network is only as good as its weakest link. Let's explore new Wi-Fi 6E technology and what it enables, with some experts from Intel. Joining us this livestream are Eric McLaughlin Vice President, Client Computing Group, General Manager Wireless Solutions Group and Bob Grim, General Manager Of Killer Networking Products at Intel Corporation.

Show Notes:
01:40 Introducing Eric & Bob From Intel
04:54 Eric Goes Full Italian For A Moment
07:14 Integrating Killer Networks Into Intel
09:54 How That Business Been?
12:36 How Did The Pandemic Affect The Wi-Fi Business?
15:57 “No, I Will Upgrade Your Wireless Network!”
17:45 Networking Is Something People Don’t Want To Think About
21:25 What Separated Wi-Fi6e From Previous Standards?
30:00 How Has The Wi-Fi6e Uptake Been?
35:40 Testing Wi-Fi6e Experiences At Intel
37:10 Taking Advantage Of Wi-Fi6e’s Advanced Features
40:15 Why You May Want Windows 11 With Wi-Fi6e
44:19 Killer Software Feature Suggestion
45:10 Look At This Killer Wireless Performance!
48:50 Killer Has Been Optimizing Networks For A Long Time
53:51 This Seems Like A Perfect Problem An AI To Solve…
54:23 What Aren’t Router Manufacturers Doing, That They Should?
60:00 What Can We Expect From Intel In The Future?
63:47 Teasing Our Upcoming Alder Lake Giveaway!