DISH Enables 4K Netflix For Whole Home With Hopper 3 And 4K Joey

There are plenty of options out there for cable and satellite TV service and while many people are more concerned with cutting that cord and using streaming services, DISH Network is still a big choice for many people. DISH has announced a new feature today that fans of Netflix in 4K will want to know about. While DISH started supporting 4K Netflix streaming via its own app back in April of 2016 for Hopper 3 users, only the main TV with the Hopper 3 directly connected could stream Netflix in 4K.


That has changed with DISH announcing today that the 4K Netflix app is now available for its 4K Joey set top boxes. That means streaming of Netflix 4K content in your entire home is now enabled. If you have a big home or business and you want 4K streaming everywhere, the Hopper 3 can support up to six 4K Joey boxes at the same time. That means you can have seven 4K TVs streaming Stranger Things in the highest resolution available at the same time.

"Netflix is leading the industry with one of the largest 4K libraries available," said Niraj Desai, DISH vice president of product management. "Our customers love watching their favorite Netflix TV shows and movies in Ultra HD on Hopper 3, so we’re extending the app to our 4K Joey clients to deliver the added flexibility of a whole-home 4K Netflix experience."

The new Netflix 4K app is offered on the 4K capable Joey receivers by hitting the home or app button on the remote and then going to the Netflix icon. The app is also available on channel 370 in the DISH program guide. If you have the DISH voice capable remote you can also hold the mic button and say Netflix. The available 4K or Ultra HD programs in Netflix will be identified with "4K" or "UHD."

Netflix isn't included with the DISH Network service, so you have to figure in a separate subscription for 4K Netflix at $11.99 and you need a 4K capable TV. Your internet connection needs to be at least 25 Mbps for quality streaming of 4K content according to Netflix.