Digital Storm Outs Cooling Monster Called “Aventum”

We like to play with custom systems around here, and the latest from Digital Storm looks to be a real gem. The Aventum is the result of diligent research on the part of Digital Storm, as the company has gone back to the drawing board regarding every part of the system, from the chassis design to proprietary software to its new Cryo-TEC cooling system.

The Aventum software monitors 5 thermal zones and controls 13 (13!) fans to expel heat, and the case’s “thermal exhaust chamber” helps out, as well; that, in addition to the liquid cooling system that boasts no fewer than three 420mm radiators.

Digital Storm isn’t skimping on the specs, either; have a look at that chart below. If dual six-core Xeon processors, 32GB of RAM, a trio of GTX 680s, and a 180GB SSD/1TB HDD combo don’t get you juiced, you might be a little dead inside.

We have no doubt any of the versions of the Aventum will be ridiculous performers; we just wonder how much this sucker is going to weigh.

Digital Storm Redefines the “Custom” High-Performance PC with Aventum
Digital Storm custom designed chassis, liquid cooling system and software enables unparalleled system performance and diagnostic control, creating the world’s most advanced PC

Fremont, Calif. - (March 26, 2012) – Digital Storm, the predominant name in computer system integration and engineering, unveils Aventum, the first system to feature its patent pending chassis and CES Innovations Award-winning Cryo-TEC cooling system. Designed by Digital Storm engineers from the inside out, Aventum’s chassis boasts a proprietary thermal exhaust chamber, intelligent 5 thermal zone regulation and exclusive Aventum software that controls 13 customizable fans to effectively dissipate performance inhibiting heat. Together with the Cryo- TEC liquid cooling system that chills liquid below 0oC, Digital Storm has designed the industry’s first truly custom high-performance PC.

The Aventum Advantage
Every aspect of Aventum’s chassis has been scrutinized during months of R&D by Digital Storm engineers who utilized thermal imaging cameras to perfect the Aventum’s air flow design. Starting with the patent pending thermal exhaust chamber, Digital Storm has ensured that performance diminishing heat is contained and dispersed so it doesn’t recirculate through the system. The Cryo-TEC liquid cooling system utilizes direct contact heat dissipation to remove heat from the CPU and then processes that liquid through 3 massive 420mm heat exchange radiators.

System Monitoring & Control
Enthusiasts and creative professionals will delight in the extraordinary level of automated and self-initiated system control. Digital Storm has integrated automated regulation of five thermal zones and their corresponding fans, all of which are monitored by individual temperature probes. With Digital Storm’s exclusive Aventum software, users can fine-tune 13 chassis fans, monitor and regulate thermal zones, and personalize chassis LED colors all within Microsoft Windows via exclusive Digital Storm software. Aventum’s critical system performance information and personalized systems specs can be displayed on an LCD screen located on the side panel.

“Unlike any other chassis, Aventum’s intelligent design enables it to exceed the demands of the most power hungry enthusiasts, gamers and creative professionals,” remarked Rajeev Kuruppu, Digital Storm’s Director of Product Development. “We’ve spent months analyzing every conceivable way to effectively eliminate heat from Aventum and as a result, our engineers devised new systems that have never been attempted. Every integral component and every zone is constantly being monitored so our customers can ensure their dream machine is always delivering optimal performance.”