Digital Storm Fixes Noise Issues with Bolt PC and Throws in Better Components To Boot

We found quite a bit to like about the Digital Storm Bolt Level 3 small form factor gaming PC when we reviewed it last month, including fine performance and a (mostly) smart and sexy custom chassis, but there were a couple of lingering issues that we weren’t thrilled about. Primarily, it was the noisiest PC we’d ever encountered, and there were also a few minor grievances with the ergonomics of the case, too.

In response, Digital Storm has redesigned the Bolt’s airflow to dramatically reduce noise, largely due to a new side vent and a new custom quiet fan profile for the Sparkle 500W Gold Plus PSU.

Digital Storm Bolt

The company also opted to goose the specs on the Level 3 edition of the Bolt (there are four “Levels” available) by upgrading the solid Intel Core i5-3570K CPU to a Core i7-3770K and doubling the SSD size from 60GB to 120GB, all without raising the price.

Digital Storm Bolt
Digital Storm Bolt with a new side vent up top

Although we felt the chassis’ paint job was excellent, the smudge-attracting glossy black finish apparently bothered enough people that Digital Storm worked up two new paint options--metallic gunmetal and pearl white.

Digital Storm Bolt

It’s never good to ship a product with obvious shortcomings, but we’ll give DS some serious credit for admitting a mistake and fixing the problem and then some. The Bolt is now an even better SFF gaming rig, and it still costs $1,599.