Digital Storm Crams an NVIDIA GTX Titan GPU Into Its Bolt SFF Gaming PC

Several boutique builders including MAINGEAR and Origin PC are announcing systems with NVIDIA’s new GTX Titan GPU (the latter of which includes liquid cooling for the cards) on board, and so we’re not surprised to see that Digital Storm is doing the same. However, it’s a bit shocking to see that Digital Storm has chosen its new small form factor PC, the Bolt, for NVIDIA’s latest and greatest graphics card.

We’re seeing more and more horsepower from SFF gaming rigs, to be sure, but usually the biggest and baddest components wind up in builders’ biggest and baddest systems. Digital Storm apparently doesn’t feel that way and is confident that the Bolt’s cooling system can hack it.

Digital Storm Bolt Titan Edition

The presence of the NVIDIA GTX Titan also affected the price of the Bolt; we tested a nicely-appointed (but somewhat midrange) Bolt Level 3 that retailed for $1,599; the Titan edition of the Bolt checks in at a cool $2,499.

Digital Storm Bolt Titan Edition

The full specifications list is above. You can configure and order yourself one of these Titan-powered Bolts from Digital Storm’s website starting today.

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