Digital Storm Adds Intel 3rd Generation Core Processors to its Entire Line of Gaming Desktops and Notebooks

Count Digital Storm as the latest custom builder to offer Intel’s 3rd generation Core processors (Ivy Bridge). The company isn’t just offering them in a few systems, though; Digital Storm is going whole hog and offering the chips in its entire line of gaming desktops and notebooks.

In a press release, Rajeev Kuruppu, Digital Storm’s Director of Product Development said, “We’ve tested Ivy Bridge in every one of our systems and we’ve measured extraordinary overclocks at 4.8GHz at unbelievably low temperatures across the board.”

The systems packing Ivy Bridge include those at Digital Storm’s high end as well as its new budget-friendly Marauder budget line, which has an Intel Core i5-3570K option starting at $1,199.