Diamond's Stealth S100 & S110 and Some News

Good afternoon folks!  Those of you that jump right to the news may not have noticed that we've just posted a new review of Diamond's value priced Stealth S100 (Radeon 9600SE) and S100 (Radeon 9200) video cards.  Here's the link for those that are interested.

The news has also been coming in at a steady pace today, so here's a mid-afternoon helping of hardware goodness to keep you busy for a little while...

 ATi Filtering Chat Log @ EliteBastards:

"What follows is the log file of ATi's online chat session with Andy Pomianowski, Staff Engineer and Raja Koduri, Engineering manager at ATi regarding recent questioning regarding ATi's filtering method on X800 boards.

Why are you not doing full AF?

Why would you say that our AF is not "full" AF? After all, we've been using an adaptive method for this since the R200. If you select 16x in the control panel, you may get 8x, 4x, or 2x depending on how steeply angled the surface is. Doing 16x AF on a wall you're viewing straight on would look exactly the same as no AF, but require 16x more texture samples. Why would it make any sense to do this? This is exactly the same idea we're using for trilinear filtering."

 Cooler Master Hyper6 P4/K8 Heat Pipe Cooler @ TheCrucible.ca:

"Cooler Master has put together a nice package with the Hyper6. The packaging is nice, the cooling is good, and the fan is not overly noisey. If the price for the unit is reasonable I think that Cooler Master's Hyper6 will be a real winner."

 Albatron K8X800 Pro II Review @ Techware Labs:

"Searching for the perfect AMD64 Motherboard? TWL has the K8X800 Pro II in the labs for a round of testing. Built around the VIA K8T800 chipset, the Albatron motherboard aims to please both the enthusiast and the average consumer, while delivering ample performance and a wide feature set. How does the Albatron K8X800 Pro II fare in testing? Come to Techware Labs and find out."

 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2004 @ Legit Reviews:

"This year I had the pleasure to attend the first day of "open exhibits" (that's a fancy name for, The-First-Time-People-Get-In-To-Play-With-Stuff) at the 2004 Electronic Entertainment Expo. This year it was located at the LA Convention Center, which is a large venue boasting three huge halls and a grand foyer -- it is one of the larger centers that I've been to. The only time I've ever seen the convention center filled is during the LA International Auto Show and E3. Yeah, E3 is that large!"

 Alienware Area51-m Extreme review @ Hexus.net:

"Personally I love it. I'm a geek, I appreciate a £650 server CPU in my laptop. I appreciate being able to swap the GPU. I like having a 4x DVD RW on the move with 1GB of memory and a 60GB HDD to feed it. I like 108Mbit WiFi without even having the means to use it.

My personal feelings aside, it's an obvious bit of niche hardware that's hard to traditionally score. Is it the fastest gaming laptop on the planet? Yes. Does it cost an absolute fortune? Yes. Do people who'd actually buy one care?"

 Actiontec Wireless Digital Media Player Review @ Hardware Pacers:

"Today we take a look at the Wireless Digital Media Player from Actiontec which allows wireless access to a wireless accessible computer and Internet access without having to utilize a PC. It offers a remote controller to type in URLs and to access the PC. Movies, MP3s and other files that are located on the PC can be played and displayed on a TV. Since the Wireless Digital Media Player has access to media files on the PC, the family does not need to huddle around a computer monitor to see a media file. It can also access Internet radio stations and play them all day long."

That's all we've got for now.  Check back later for some more goodness, though...

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