Diablo IV Patch And Hotfixes Tweak Class Balance And Addresses Stability Issues

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As Diablo IV officially releases today, Blizzard has sent out a few tweaks to the game adding class balance and addressing some stability issues. Fans of the Diablo franchise who purchased either the Deluxe or Ultimate versions of the game have been enjoying early access to the gates of hell all weekend.

Diablo IV launched into early access this past weekend and has been receiving some very good reviews. Some players are calling the latest installment to the franchise the best yet, with finely-tuned combat, vast options for building across each class, and exceptional graphics. But as it is with most any game release, there were a few bugs and tweaks that needed to be made and Blizzard has sent out some of those ahead of the official launch of the game today.

Some of the first fixes to be made to the game came through a recent patch (the first big one of the game). The team said it made some balance adjustments to Classes. While the team indicated it was happy with the overall performance of its Classes, it understands there is always room for improvement.

The Class balance changes contained in Build #42131 fell into three categories. The first came in reducing the effectiveness of some Class builds. The second involved some skills and builds receiving a buff to increase their strength. Finally, Paragon Glyphs saw their overall effectiveness reduced.

According to patch notes released by Blizzard, Build #42167 addresses an issue where stuttering could occur on higher-end machines, and an issue where some players couldn't type their locale's language during Shop checkout. Additional hotfixes included a fix for an issue where elite monster packs in some dungeons were spawning at a higher frequency than expected, and some other non-specific stability and bug fixes.

Diablo is an extremely popular action role-playing dungeon crawler franchise that is nearing 30 years old and is set in a dark fantasy world divided into three realms: the High Heavens, the Burning Hells, and the human world of Sanctuary. Diablo IV takes place in between the events of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction and Diablo III.

Diablo IV is available to purchase and play on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. The Standard Edition is $69.99, Deluxe Edition comes in at $89.99, and the Ultimate Edition sells for $99.99. A complete breakdown of the balance changes can be viewed via the Blizzard website.