Aw Hell, This Diablo IV Microtransaction Costs More Than The Game Itself

diablo4 expensive microtransaction hero
The latest Diablo IV microtransaction, the Vitreous Scourge mount, costs a whopping $64.99, which is currently more expensive than the base game itself. This latest bit of post-launch game content is part of a long string of microtransactions that hasn't gone over well with the Diablo IV community.

So, what does $64.99 get you? Gamers who open up their wallets will be getting the Crystal and Bone bundle that Blizzard describes as “Crystal and Bone: A great many maladies plague the unfortunate inhabitants of Sanctuary. One is a spreading corruption that crystalizes both flesh and bone.” This includes the Crystal-clad mount, Crystal and Bone Cage mount armor, and two mount trophies.

diablo4 expensive microtransaction body

However, more importantly, buyers will also be getting 7,000 platinum. This is the in-game currency used in Diablo IV and is roughly the equivalent of about $65. The currency can be used to purchase more cosmetic items, obtain access to the premium battle pass, or get battle pass tier skips. One can make the argument that the mount is free when looking at the bundle as a whole, however, most are upset at the fact that the mount can only be purchased when buying it as part of this bundle.

As expected, the price tag on this one isn’t winning over any gamers who are still investing time and money in the game. Blizzard will undoubtedly point at the totality of everything included in the bundle as being a good value. However, the company needs to be able to read the room and understand that there’s already discontent in the game’s community about microtransactions, and that this offering will just generate more ill will.