Diablo IV Launches In 2023 To PC, Xbox And PS5, Register For The Closed Beta Now

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As Deckard Cain would say, “Hello, my friend. Stay awhile and listen…” It was recently announced that Diablo IV will launch in 2023. Here is everything you need to know about Diablo IV and its closed beta.

Diablo IV will launch sometime in 2023 for the PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4. There will be crossplay, cross-progression, and couch co-op. Adam Fletcher, the Global Community Development Lead for Diablo, tweeted, “D4 is coming out as a full price game built strictly for PC/console audiences. The game is huge & there will be tons of content after launch for all players. Paid content is built around optional cosmetic items & eventually full expansions. We will be sharing more info soon!”

The game will take place in “Sanctuary,” a land that was “created by the union of an angel and a demon.” Players will be tasked with exploring Sanctuary, clearing out “Strongholds” of monsters to create new marketplaces and safe havens, and defeating Lilith and her minions. Players can also engage in PVP which will “allow you to take a swing at other players for their valuable loot.” It is estimated that there will be nearly 150 dungeons in the game at launch. There will be plenty of end-game content as well for players such as “Nightmare Dungeons,” the “Tree of Whispers,” and the “Paragon Board.”

There is so far little information about the closed beta, but players can currently register for it on the Diablo IV website. Players simply need to click on the “Pre-register” button and then log-in to their battle.net account. It is unclear at the moment when the closed beta will be available, how long it will be available, and what will be included in it.

Blizzard Entertainment has now also announced all the classes that will be available at launch. Players will be able to choose between Barbarians, Druids, Rogues, Sorceresses, and Necromancers. Players have known for a bit about the first four classes but the availability of the “scythe-wielding purveyor of death” is news.

Diablo IV rumors have haunted the Internet for quite some time. A sequel was announced in 2019, but little else has been available aside from a few tidbits here and there. It is good to finally have more information and slightly more solid dates, as well as an imminent closed beta.

Images and videos courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment