Diablo III: Eternal Collection Nintendo Switch Bundle Announced

Nintendo has announced a special edition Switch bundle that fans of the video game Diablo III will want to take notice of. The Diablo III bundle isn't a normal console with the game bundled in as Sony did with the Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 Pro bundle; this console gets some cool graphics to set it apart from the other Switch consoles out there. This bundle will be exclusive to GameStop locations and will set you back $359.99.

diablo3 bundle

That much loot gets gamers a Switch in two tones of gray with the dock featuring Diablo III artwork engraved in light gray on a darker gray background. The Switch has a dark gray body with lighter gray controllers and Diablo III artwork on the back. A red and gray Diablo III Edition Carry Case will keep your special console safe on the go. A full digital download of the game comes with the bundle including the original Diablo III campaign and the Reaper of Souls expansion.

Some of the in-game items that you get with this bundle are Nintendo exclusives including the Ganondorf armor set, Cucco pet, and golden Triforce portrait frame. This special bundle will land November 2 at GameStop locations; it's not clear if this is a limited-edition bundle. If Diablo III isn’t your sort of game, you might like the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Switch bundle that was announced last month, also landing November 2.

smash bros bundle

That bundle includes a Switch dock decorated with various fighters from the game. The Joy-Cons feature the Smash Bros logo on them, and the bundle includes a full digital download of the game. GameCube controllers and adapters for the Switch will likewise debut on November 2.