Diablo III Goes Open Beta for the Weekend

If it's been a long an stressful work week and you're in need of a hack-n-slash fix before starting it all anew on Monday, Blizzard has some good news. Diablo III will be available as an open beta this weekend starting today (Friday, April 20) at 12:01 PM PDT and going until Monday morning (April 23) at 10:00 AM PDT.

"We're pleased to announce the Diablo III open beta weekend, which offers open access to all players with a valid Battle.net account!," Blizzard said in a blog post. "Beginning this Friday everyone is invited to log in and help us put the game and servers through their paces in this three day stress test as we march toward the game's release on May 15."

The open beta will let you play each of the five heroic classes to level 13, so there's plenty to keep you busy for a couple of days. If that's what you plan to do and you want to get a jump start on things, you can download the Diablo III client right this very instant, just click here. We've written a preview of D3 and why we think the game will excel -- you can read that writeup here.