Destiny Gameplay Video Reveals Stunning 3D Graphics Engine

When Bungie revealed its upcoming MMO Destiny back in February, it's safe to say that most people were impressed not only by the game's look, but its ambitions. Bungie effectively wants to make sure that Destiny is a "10 year" MMO, one that you know you can sign into on day one and plan to stick with for quite a while. Of course, to want to do that, the game has to be good, and from all we've seen so far, it has the potential.

Bungie's Destiny

This is made all the more clearer thanks to a gameplay video that the company has posted this week. Even as a die-hard PC gamer, I have to admit that these graphics are pretty great, and leaps and bounds beyond the current collection of consoles. We're not only talking about specific texture detail here, but fantastic lighting and sheer size of the game world.

Something else we can glean from the video is the fact that the game seems to use normal leveling systems seen in most MMOs. Another player you team with is level 5, and enemies around are level 3 (you can't see your own level outside of a menu, it appears). Bosses (or mini-bosses, it's hard to tell), won't have a level above their name but do have a skull with orange text, and not surprisingly, killing one can result in a dropped weapon you can then equip.

Bungie's Destiny

Overall, Destiny looks to be a game with some serious potential, but unfortunately for those who call themselves hardcore PC gamers, the lack of a PC announcement has been a little depressing. It has been rumored that one will be made eventually, but it's clear that Bungie is focusing first not only on the current crop of consoles, but the next, before the PC is tackled. Clearly though, this is a game that looks like it was just made for the PC.

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