Despite Heatgate, New iPad Owners Overwhelmingly Thrilled with Latest Apple Tablet

Say what you want about the new iPad's propensity to run a little bit warmer than previous generation models, iPad owners don't appear to be all hot and bothered over what some have dubbed 'heatgate." On the contrary, a new survey suggests that nearly every single iPad 3 owner is at least partially satisfied with their tablet, and more than 8 out of 10 owners are simply thrilled.

To be fair, these statements are based on a rather small sample size of 200 new owners, which is how many people ChangeWave pinged about their 3rd generation iPad purchase. Nevertheless, the results are encouraging for Apple.

Remarkably, not a single person said they were "Very Unsatisfied" with their iPad, and only 2 percent (or 4 people out of 200) said they were "Somewhat Unsatisfied." More than 4 out of 5 new iPad owners (82 percent) described themselves as being "Very Satisfied" with their tablet, and the remaining 16 percent said they're "Somewhat Satisfied." Clump those two latter categories together and you have a 98 percent satisfaction rate.

To add a little perspective, a similar survey conducted last year regarding the iPad 2 revealed that 74 percent were "Very Satisfied" and 23 percent were "Somewhat Satisfied" with their 2nd generation tablet.

As for the iPad 3, the new high-resolution Retina class display ranked as the best-liked feature. The biggest dislike belonged to the overall cost (26 percent), followed by the cost of wireless data plans (23 percent). Only 7 percent said they disliked the heat output the most.

What tablet do you own, and out of the four categories above, how would you rate your satisfaction level?