Despite Its Bumpy Launch Overwatch 2 Reached 25 Million Players In The First 10 Days

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Overwatch 2 has quickly become the go-to game for many, despite a rough launch. The reboot of the original has seen over 25 million players join in the fun, in the first 10 days since its launch, according to Blizzard.

It is not unusual for a free-to-play game of this nature to post big numbers in its first couple of weeks. However, Overwatch 2 did not roll out in the smoothest of launches. Before the reboot of the original was even officially released, many who took part in the beta were saying they saw little to no difference from the first Overwatch. Then, players experienced a few days of server issues and overcrowded player queues following the official launch. But even with the negative sentiment over some of these hiccups, players have been clamoring to get back to the chaotic shooter.

If someone were listening to all the moaning of potential players before launch, you would not think so many would be excited about Overwatch 2 nearly 2 weeks in. Gamers were quick to announce their dislike about a few of the new features being added, such as locking new heroes behind a battle pass, introducing pricey cosmetic bundles, and the need for new accounts to unlock old heroes by completing 100 matches. Console players have not been having the greatest experience with the game either, as aim-assist was removed from cross-play. All of this led many to call Overwatch 2 dead on arrival before it ever saw the light of day.

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Despite the negativity, over 25 million players are finding joying in the game, with many who had left the original long ago now returning. While the game's new 5v5 scheme had many worried, players have apparently adjusted and are enjoying the new maps, its Push mode, and new heroes. Not everyone has been able to overcome the negatives, however. Some still see the game as a hot mess that in no way should be touted as a new game.

A lot of gamers are still wondering why Blizzard felt the need to rebrand Overwatch by adding a 2, since the game feels more like a mere expansion to the original. But for now, tens of millions of gamers are just having a blast playing Overwatch 2, and at the end of the day that's all that matters.