Depstech Endoscope Deal Lets You See Inside Almost Anything With Your Phone For $36

Sometimes you need to see inside something to check if all is functioning well. That might be while you are rebuilding your car's engine or working on an AC system. Whenever you need to get a look at the inside of something in tight quarters, an endoscope/borescope comes in handy. Amazon has the Depstech Wireless Endoscope on sale right now and it is Wi-Fi enabled with a 2.0MP camera on the end.

endo phone

The camera's "neck" is rigid, so you can bend it and cram it into tight spaces even if the only way to gain access is from underneath. The Depstech Wireless Endoscope works with Android or iOS devices including smartphones and tablets. You need to be using a device with Android 2.3 or higher or iOS 6.0 or higher for it to operate.

endo attachment

The endoscope supports connectivity for up to four devices at one time since it shoots images out via WiFi. That means an entire crew can look inside an engine or pipe at the same time. The endoscope will support video recording if you are on iOS 8.0 or higher with 30 fps playback. The catch with that is you must connect the endoscope to the iPhone or iPad via the device WiFi settings menu rather than through the app.

Other features include an integrated LED light source with six bulbs for brightness and blue LEDs for improved clarity. That provides enough light to make make darkened areas more easily visible. Captured photos and video are automatically saved to the photo album on your device. One of the best features is the price; Amazon lists it for $35.99 and Prime members get free shipping.