Denmark Recreates Their Entire Country In The World of Minecraft

Lest anyone carp about tax dollars being wasted on such a seemingly ridiculous endeavor as recreating the entire country of Denmark in Minecraft--which is an actual thing that the Danish Geodata Agency (Geodatastyrelsen) did--note well that the project is intended to be as educational as it is awesome.

First of all, the Geodatastyrelsen had enough data to be able to recreate the country in Minecraft blocks, which is something remarkable in and of itself, but the world is available to schoolchildren and anyone else with access to the server and a license, although they removed the ability to dynamite things, which is probably just as well. The download is reportedly 1TB.

Minecraft Denmark

You don’t have to think very hard to imagine the opportunities for education of the young and old here. It gives students a way to gain spatial understanding such as the measurement of distance, volume, circumference, and more. There’s a strong geographical element as well, and kids can scope out places virtually and then explore close locales in person.

And so on. Sign me up.