Delphi And Verizon Bring New Cloud Controls To Automobiles

When clouds and cars combine, what do you get? Something like this, probably. Delphi has announced this week a new cloud-based automotive connective service for consumers. It was officially unwrapped at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show, allowing drivers to mimic their key fob functions to control their car, track, locate, access, secure and monitor their vehicles anywhere at any time with a smartphone or browser. The first-in-its-class device works in most vehicles sold in the U.S. from 1996 onward.

More specifically, it'll allow motorists to use their smartphone, laptop or tablet as a key fob for your car regardless of where you are to help when locked out; connect your smartphone to your car via Bluetooth for key fob commands when in locations like a parking garage; easily locate and access your family cars anywhere and anytime without having to remember to tag your vehicle's original location; monitor vehicle stats; diagnose a vehicle's engine health; and receive alerts for driving behavior and vehicle performance issues.

The system operates through a downloadable Delphi smartphone app, available for Android 2.2 and later and Apple iOS 5.0 and later devices, as well as a Delphi Web portal that is compatible with Internet Explorer 7 and later, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Firefox browsers. Data transmitted through the Delphi connectivity system remains secure and encrypted over the Verizon Wireless network. As for pricing? Sadly, that remains a mystery for now, but this could certainly spruce up that '99 Mustang you've been thinking of selling.
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