Dell's Vostro V13 Now Available For $449: It's Like An Adamo XPS 'Lite'

Let's face it: for as cool as the Adamo XPS is, it's hardly a reasonably priced machine. Even if you've got the cash, you know you're paying a huge premium for the seductive form factor. Just weeks after that 9.99mm thick machine launched, Dell has now introduced what could easily be mistaken as the Adamo XPS' weaker sibling: the Vostro V13.

What's wild is just how similar this new Vostro looks compared to the Adamo XPS. What's even wilder is that the Vostro line has generally held boring, all-business notebooks that most consumers simply overlooked in favor of the more fashionable Adamo and Studio lines. Dell does assert that this machine is geared towards business travelers, but we can't imagine anyone who is enthused about technology not wanting to touch this.

The 13.3" ultraportable is just barely thicker than the Adamo XPS at 16.5mm, and it's equipped with an Intel ULV processor, a brushed aluminum chassis, Windows 7, up to 4GB of DDR3 RAM, 802.11g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, WWAN mobile broadband, and optional full-data-encrypted hard drives. The best part is that the machine will be ready for Christmas, as it can be ordered globally today starting at $449. $449 for a machine that looks an awful lot like the $1799 Adamo XPS? Winner!

“Not long ago, business travelers like me had to choose mobility and affordability at the expense of performance. That’s no longer the case with the V13,” said Sam Burd, global vice president, Dell Small and Medium Business. “This 13-inch small business laptop is in a category all its own as entrepreneurs now have quality performance, battery life and security combined with a thin and lightweight design sturdy enough for today’s business.”

Designed exclusively for small-business frequent travelers, the Vostro V13 is:

  • As thin as 0.65 inches (16.5mm) and starts at 3.5 pounds (1.59kg)2;
  • Equipped with ultra-low-voltage Intel® (ULV) processors to manage energy efficiency, while providing ample power for everyday computing; and
  • Encased in high-quality brushed aluminum with reinforced zinc hinges ready for rough handling.

Vostro V13: Business Traveler Benefits

The Vostro V13 offers the productivity that small businesses expect from the Vostro line of laptops which are equipped with the right features to complete on-the-go business tasks so small businesses can save time and money.

  • Stay in Touch: With the integrated webcam and microphone3, users can make Internet calls, conduct video conferences and remotely exchange files to help increase productivity.
  • Always Be Connected: Users can go wireless with a full range of connectivity options: 802.11g/n wireless LAN, Bluetooth, and WWAN mobile broadband4.
  • Memory to Spare: Run Windows® 7 effortlessly while performing everyday tasks quickly with support for up to 4GB of DDR3 SDRAM memory5.
  • Protect Your Work: Keep data under lock and key with optional full-data-encrypted hard drives.
  • “Set & Forget” Online Data Protection: Easy, secure and automated Dell DataSafe online backup protects and helps recover business-critical data.
  • Coverage Now and Later: Users can extend their basic Limited Hardware Warranty6 from 1-3 years to stay covered into the future.
  • Remote On-Call Support: Small businesses can get help when they need it with DellConnect7, which allows tech-support agents to troubleshoot and help resolve system issues remotely.
  • ProSupport to Simplify IT: Businesses can choose their own level of 24x7 IT support with optional Dell ProSupport™ services.

Available worldwide today, visit for additional information.