Dell’s Project Ophelia Android PC-On-A-Stick Shipping To Beta Testers Now, General Public Next Quarter

Dell’s Project Ophelia, an Android PC-on-a-stick that will cost about $100, is apparently close to hitting the market as a final product. Beta testers are currently receiving their units, and the final product is slated to ship next quarter--sometime between August and October. (This sort of jibes with the predicted summer release we'd heard about back in May; technically, summer lasts until late September.)

Project Ophelia will offer an application stack similar to what you’d see on a smartphone or tablet--effectively becoming a lightweight PC that can plug in to just about any desktop display--as well as set-top box and gaming console-type capabilities. Users can snag apps from the Google Play store, and there will also likely be apps written specifically for the device.

Dell Project Ophelia

As it was envisioned primarily for business use, though, the Project Ophelia will take advantage of Dell’s cloud portfolio of services, shipping with Wyse PocketCloud. IT administrators will be able to manage the devices with remote shutdown and wipe capabilities. They’ll also be able to track the device’s activities--or rather, what users are doing with the device.

It’s an interesting take on what a mobile device can be, and no doubt it will find some footing in the enterprise space as well as with certain consumers. And it will be widely available within months.