Alienware Revamps Gaming Laptop Line-Up With Redesigned Beauty And GeForce 10 Brawn

alienware 17
It’s that time again — time for Dell to update its Alienware notebook lineup with faster processors and new graphics hardware. Today, the Alienware 15 and 17 are being updated with designs that are 25 percent thinner, while incorporating even more premium materials throughout like anodized aluminum and magnesium-alloy and steel reinforcements.

Both of the gaming notebooks are VR ready according to Dell, as they should be, considering that each is available with a new GeForce GTX 10-Series GPU from NVIDIA. In the case of the Alienware 15, that means up to a GeForce GTX 1070. The mammoth Alienware 17 is designed to accommodate a GTX 1080. The yet to be officially announced Alienware 13 refresh will feature a GTX 1060.

alienware 17 2
Alienware 17

Although you won’t find Intel’s latest Kaby Lake processors in these new gaming laptops, they both come packing some serous Skylake firepower. Both the Alienware 17 and the Alienware 15 can be configured with up to a Core i7 6820HK processor, which can be dynamically overclocked to 4.1GHz. 32GB of memory is supported across both machines, along with a variety of SATA and PCIe storage options (including up to 1TB PCIe SSDs).

Perhaps the most interesting bit of technology comes in the form of Tobii eye-tracking, which can be optioned up on the Alienware 17. According to Dell, the front-facing camera allows you to “fine-tune your skills with an exclusive new Ovenwolf app that can replay your gaze pattern, allowing you to learn from mistakes and find new opportunities to crush the competition.”

alienware 15
Alienware 15

Tobii technology also enables features like Wake on Gaze (simply look at the Alienware logo and your machine will power up) and of course Windows Hello. Autolock, as its name implies, will lock your device when you step away. Tobii also enables some pretty wicked gaze-related integration with the backlit keyboard. “When the user is looking at the screen the keyboard backlights remain off since the user is not currently interested in this area,” writes Dell. “Key illumination also only occurs in the region the user is currently looking, rather than the entire keyboard, further optimizing power management.”

And although the Alienware 13 isn’t launching today with its bigger brothers, Dell did reveal that the gaming laptop will offer an OLED display with a 100,000:1 contrast ratio and 1ms response times.

“Gaming is in a time of renaissance right now; awesome games and development, amazing resolutions and technology, plus the pure excitement around VR experiences – it’s an incredible driving force and it feels similar to the energy that started Alienware 20 years ago,” said Alienware and XPS General Manager Frank Azor. “These new notebooks are a product of that history and approach, but also of the demands and expectations of gamers today. Being true to both is what Alienware is about and we’re proud to bring these notebooks to gamers.”

The Alienware 15 and 17 will be available later this month (the GeForce GTX 1080-equipped Alienware 17 ships in November). The Alienware 13 will launch in November.