Dell Throws Water On Lenovo’s X1 Carbon, Claims Dell Latitude 7000 Is Much More Durable

Well now. Dell and Lenovo are of course direct competitors, as both offer a wide lineup of PCs, laptops, and more, but the former has taken direct aim at the latter by claiming that the Dell Latitude 7000 Series ultrabooks are more durable than the Lenovo X1 Carbon.

Dell released a video showing lab tests wherein a pair of hands snaps the lid off of an X1 Carbon by alarmingly gently bending it backward. A Latitude 7000 suffers no damage when the same hands apply the same pressure.

Dell Latitude 7000 vs Lenovo X1 Carbon

Setting aside for the a moment the questionable validity of a biased “lab test”, the distinction Dell is drawing here between these two ultrabooks’ respective durability is specific only to the bending backwards of their displays, which is a move nobody performs in real life.

In any case, it’s a shot across the bow from Dell to Lenovo, and it's always kind of fun to watch competitors go at it.

Note that we’ve tested both the new X1 Carbon and a member of Dell’s 7000 Series, and we’ve managed not to destroy either--although we confess that we never attempted this particular test of durability.