Dell Suggests That Wearables May Be In Its Future

It seems like every major consumer electronics company is considering some form of wearable technology at this point. Google Glass has truly launched the segment into the limelight, and with rumors of an iWatch from Apple going strong, we're also hearing now that Dell is casting a glance in that same direction. As tablet sales for Dell flounder, the computer maker is now suggesting that it's "exploring ideas" in the wearable sector. Dell itself has lost a ton of luster as the conventional PC business shrinks, and it has yet to find a market to really thrive in in the post-PC world.

Sam Burd, Dell's global vice-president of personal computing, told The Guardian that the wearable computing space is one that Dell is actively scoping out. To quote: "There are challenges in cost, and how to make it a really good experience. But the piece that's interesting is that computers are getting smaller. Having a watch on your wrist – that's pretty interesting, pretty appealing. Looking ahead five years, we expect devices and form factors to continue to change. There will still be a need for 'static' computing on desktops, but there will be a real need for mobile devices. There's a lot of discussion about how that fits into wearable devices like we've seen with Google Glass and watches. We're looking at a world of lots of connected devices.

I don't see any magic new form factor like the iPad – I don't think anybody saw how that was going to change devices. But the number of [computing] devices per person is exploding."

It's still a mystery as to what (if anything) Dell will reveal in the wearables space, but having one more rival in there can't be a bad thing.
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