Dell Shapes Up Latitude 7000 Series With Thin Frames And Haswell Inside

Haswell and Dell -- sounds like a perfect marriage, doesn't it? If you're on the lookout for a Haswell-based machine that skews to the enterprise side, your options thus far have been few and far between. But that's changing as Dell pushes out a new range of Latitude notebooks, which just so happen to also fall within the Ultrabook segment. It's a boon for a number of reasons, one of which being that enterprise notebooks are finally shedding the "big, bulky, and unsexy" stereotype.

The 12.5" E7240 and 14" E7440 were just announced, each toting Intel's 1.7GHz Core i3 processor from the fourth-generation line. The chassis is around 0.8" thick; it's not the slimmest we've seen, but that's fairly impressive for a workstation-type laptop. It's even more impressive when you realize that the frame meets military standards for drop, dust, water and shock intrusions. There's also WiDi support, 4GB+ of memory, a 1366x768 resolution display, and your choice of a 128GB SSD in the small guy or a 320GB HDD in the larger one.

Pricing starts at just under $1200 for the E7240 and around $1050 for the E7440, and as you'd expect, each ships with a copy of Windows 8. Customizations, predictably, can make this far more powerful (and far more pricey).