Dell Puts Blades On A Diet

Dell gets interested in blade servers from time to time, but have a much smaller presence in the market than HP or IBM. That might change with the rollout of their new  M-series blades, which address several of the concerns of the end user: How much space does it take up, and how much  electricity does it use to shuffle my ones and zeros around?  Dell's answer: significantly less than our competitors.

The PowerEdge M-Series, according to Dell, consumes up to 19 percent less power and achieves up to 25 percent better performance per watt than the HP  BladeSystem c-Class. When compared to the IBM  BladeCenter H, the M-Series consumes 12 percent less energy and achieves up to 28 percent better performance per watt, according to the company.

The PowerEdge M1000e comes in a 10U-sized enclosure that supports 16 blade servers -- optimized for Dell's own PowerEdge M600 and M605 blade servers, which are 60 percent more dense than standard 1U servers, a design intended to help ease space issues in packed data centers.

"Blade offerings have been long on promises and short on helping customers address the growing costs and complexity in their data centers," noted Brad Anderson, senior vice president of Dell's Business Product Group. "The PowerEdge M-Series delivers on those promises with unmatched energy efficiency, flexibility, performance and manageability. It enables customers to achieve the compute performance they need while lowering their overall power consumption and reducing data center complexity and server sprawl."

Dell stresses the range of connection options and their focus on simple snap-in configurations. Smaller footprint. Better performance per watt. Modular systems. Blade server dudes, are you getting a Dell? 
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