Dell Now Shipping XPS 13 Ultrabook With 1080p Display

We've finally entered the era where resolution is of the utmost importance, it seems. Retina Displays are now found across most of Apple's flagship products, 1080p panels are popping up on flagship Android devices, and even lower-end tablets are aiming to hit the HD ranking. And while 1080p is fantastic even on an 85" panel sitting in the living room, can you imagine how crisp a 13" panel would look with that kind of pixel density? You don't have to imagine it any longer. It's for sale.

Dell's small-but-powerful XPS 13 Ultrabook has started to ship directly from Dell with a 13.3" 1080p display, also offering a wider 72% color gamut (up from 45% on the 720p panels). The base rig also ships with 8GB of RAM, Intel's HD 4000 GPU, a 256GB SSD, Windows 8, and a Core i5 (third generation) processor. The $1400 price tag is pretty steep, but you'll probably forget all about the financial burden when you see that display light up for the first time.
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