Dell Launches New XPS Systems

Dell has just officially launched a nearly complete refresh of its flagship XPS line of systems. On the notebook side, we see the very portable XPS M1210 complete with GeForce Go 7400 graphics all the way through to the multimedia powerhouse XPS M2010. On the desktop end, we see the radical new XPS 700 complete with two "NVIDIA next generation 7 series graphics, 2 dual-GPU cards". Regardless of what sort of form factor you're looking for, it appears as though there is a new Dell XPS that should satisfy even the most demanding gaming enthusiast.

The ultimate gaming solution includes the optional NVIDIA(R) Quad SLITM Technology equipped with the power of NVIDIA's next Generation 7 series graphics card delivering a relentless 48 gigapixels per second of graphics performance and 6 teraflops of graphics-computing power. 96 pixel pipes and 2GB of on-board memory will let you max-out all your in-game graphics settings, bringing you inside the action with stunning clarity and mind-blowing effects.